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Customer feedback has been part of our culture since the beginning. We didn’t want to miss an opportunity to hear from you so we formalized this feedback process by implementing OCZ’s Voice of the Customer (VoC) program. Since then, we’ve been systematically listening to customers’ feedback — not just when we’re first getting to know each other, but throughout your relationship with Toshiba. Your business may change, and your requirements may as well — we want to hear about it, along your journey, and understand what we can do to be your best data partner.

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  • Customer Problem

    “Just a quick question, were you able to find out on my RMA ****** what is wrong with the SSD?”
    -Gregory P., USA

    Granted, complex inquiries require a more or less comprehensive analysis of the situation, but often times you have just a short, simple question. You don’t have the time or desire to create a fully featured technical support ticket for a little bit of information.

    OCZ Tech Support Action

    Created Instant Chat for quick questions and response time.

    After all, Toshiba is in the performance industry and improving your PC’s speed, but why stop there? We improved the speediness of our service as well by introducing the Instant Chat feature. You’re browsing OCZ.com and have a quick question? See the Instant Chat banner on the lower right of each side, click it, and enter your inquiry. It’s that quick and just as simple.

  • Customer Problem

    “Is there any Chance you have a Polish shipping address for returns? For a customer in Poland it's really expensive to send international package - like 100-150€. I could buy a new disk for that :/”
    -Jakub P., Poland

    We at Toshiba believed that it would be good enough to not only provide direct end user support but also a manufacturer warranty. In recent years, we expanded our network of RMA hubs across the globe, with one in the Netherlands serving central and west Europe. That should be satisfactory for all of our customers, right? Wrong! Customer Jakub P. taught us otherwise.

    OCZ Tech Support Action

    Expanded worldwide shipping facilities to expedite warranty shipments.

    This was a shock, really. What good is a warranty offer if shipping a drive costs as much as buying a new drive? Cases like these laid the foundation for OCZ’s Advanced Warranty Program*, which includes a free shipping label for sending your defective product to OCZ – regardless of where in the EU or US you live. We’ll even send a courier to your doorstep to collect the parcel.

    * Available to limited regions and countries. Check availability.

  • Customer Problem

    “Sorry, this is too much time, 7-10 days + delivery time. I will have to order a new one (of course, after installing the OS and all necessary software at the new hard disk I would not need this one anymore).”
    -Jorge H., Switzerland

    OCZ's RMA team works hard and tireless to process cases and ship replacements as fast as humanly possible. In most cases, a shipment travels 3-5 days to our warehouse, is being processed in 1-2 days, and the replacement may take another 1-3 days to get delivered. While the cumulated 5-10 days are reasonable, we found it doesn’t meet all of our customer’s needs.

    OCZ Tech Support Action

    Offered Advanced Warranty Program* RMA replacement.

    We highly value our customer’s satisfaction, and feedback like Jorge’s is precisely what we need in our strive for constant improvement of our services. We took this to heart and made it one of the pillars of our Advanced Warranty Program*, which not only brings you free shipping but an advanced shipment of your replacement. The very moment your RMA claim has been processed and a RMA case has been created by your customer service agent, a replacement drive is being ordered for dispatch, without you having to ship your defective product first. You trust us with your data, we return the faith and don’t even ask for your credit card to make a safety deposit.

    * Available to limited regions and countries. Check availability.

  • Customer Problem

    “How can I RMA?“
    -Jelle S., Netherlands

    “How can I use SSD Guru?”
    -Pierluigi F., Italy

    “Can you recommend any cloning tools for Mac?”
    -Stephen M., Ireland

    These are some of the frequently asked questions we see and hear from our valued customers. Some of them are so simply that one can’t be bothered to sign up for, and create a detailed ticket for it. Ain’t nobody got time for that, right?

    OCZ Tech Support Action

    Wrote a comprehensive FAQ.

    That’s why we started establishing a comprehensive collection of FAQs that doesn’t only address the most common questions around using SSDs in Windows®, Linux®, and Mac® OS X but also address them in three languages: English, German, and Russian.

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